Multi-Currency Merchant Accounts


There are several common scenarios in which a business can benefit from accepting international payments or multiple currencies. Most frequently, a domestic e-commerce or MOTO merchant might develop an unexpectedly large customer base in a foreign country. In another case, a large retailer or distributor may need to establish a payment channel with a foreign manufacturer. In a less common circumstance, a high risk business with an offshore merchant account may need to be able to accept, convert, and pay out locally in multiple currencies. All of these business types have equally valid needs when it comes to international payment processing, but the challenges they face can be very different. This makes it difficult to not only find a credit card processor that can handle multiple currencies, but to also ensure that the processor chosen is ethically operated and a good fit for the merchant’s business type.

Bevel’s robust, secure and scalable processing platform allows for efficient technology and compliance changes and provides advanced domestic, inter-regional and international credit card processing with convenient multi-currency options. You gain a consolidated view of all payments through our advanced online reporting tools. Reconciliation is simplified with consistent reporting and statements for all the countries where you operate.

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