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For a non-profit organization, saving money on all aspects of operating is an ongoing effort. Yet, we are shocked to see the number of 501(c)3 organizations in the New York, Washington DC Metropolitan area (DC, Maryland & Virginia) that are unaware of the Charity Rate Bankcard Program that is available to them, even when they are actively shopping for a more cost-effective solution to accepting credit card payments as part of their fundraising. As mentioned by Ms. Ayda Sanver, a Certified Fundraising Consultant to non-profits, offering credit card payments to donors is a must in today’s fundraising efforts:

Businesses wish to appear as giving back to their communities for goodwill reasons, and this is a win-win for non-profits when the partnership is crafted for mutual benefit. The business will always ask, “What’s in it for me?” So making the approach to a business to support your non-profit means the non-profit must do its homework! Over the years, the method in which many corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals use to give back to their selected charitable organization has changed. These donations are being made in form of a credit card payment, as the donor will reap his/her cardholder benefits at the same time.

Visa introduced the Consumer Credit Card Charity Interchange Rate Program for charitable organizations in October 2011, which specifically refers to charitable and social service organizations. With proof of non-profit status, an organization can be approved for a “non-profit wholesale” rate program, which Visa offers at 1.35% + $0.05, and Discover offers at 1.45% + $0.05. The caveat to this program is that a merchant processor is not required to pass these reduced, charitable rates onto their non-profit merchants.

Non-profit organizations that have been referred to us have saved from 25% to more than 50% each year after being properly placed on the charitable rate program with Bevel. Since Visa and Discover combined can easily amount to anywhere between 50% to over 70% in all cards presented for donations and payments to a typical non-profit organization, the savings realized with this program can be quite significant. For a local, youth sports non-profit entity in Fairfax County that recently came on board with Bevel, for example, this translated into an annual savings in excess of $50,000 per year.

If you are a non-profit organization that is going through a sudden growth, this is the perfect time to check with your trusted advisors and/or your tax accounting firm to have your merchant services reviewed to make sure you are on this program. If you are not already on a Charitable Rate Bevel Program, can you afford to continue draining more money away?

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