Google Enables Mobile P2P Payments via Gmail in U.S. for Android Users


Android users in the U.S. can now send money to other users via Gmail. Last week, the company unveiled its solution for its mobile app on Android devices that will enable U.S. users to link a debit card or bank account and send money for free via Gmail. Once the bank account is linked, users simply open a new email message in Gmail, click on the dollar sign, follow the instructions and attach it to the message. Recipients do not need to have the Gmail app or a Gmail account, the company said in a blog post announcing the service’s launch, although they will need to add debit card information the first time they receive money this way.

“Whether you’re splitting a dinner bill or planning a group trip, you now have a fee-free way to work out the details and settle up without ever leaving the Gmail app on Android, just like you can already do on the Web,” the post said. “Plus, you can exchange money with anyone—not just people with Gmail addresses.”

Google joins a growing field of competitors in the mobile P2P payments space including PayPal (and its Venmo subsidiary), Square, Facebook and others. Google users have been able to send money via Gmail on desktops and laptops through the Web since 2013 and via mobile in the U.K. since January.

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