Discover the Next Generation of Payment Terminals With Clover


Cutting-edge hardware meets state-of-the-art security. As one of the most flexible payment terminals around, Clover gives customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment types and protects their sensitive information–as well as your own–all without the hassle of a big business system. Less clutter. More productivity. Say goodbye to crowded counters and say hello to getting more done. Clover is easy to use on the go and clears the clutter.

Build Your Business on Clover Station.

Clover streamlines your operations with a sleek, customizable solution designed to safely process virtually every payment type quickly and reliably. It also handles core registration functions and can even simplify daily tasks like managing staffing, online orders and deliveries and more.

Business done better.

Clover enables you to handle all of your essential business needs—right out of the box

• Accept more types of payments from magnetic-strip and EMV®-enabled credit and debit cards to Apple Pay® (when you include our secure FD40 Pin Pad)

• Help protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud with built-in Clover Security

• Set up a mobile loyalty and rewards program designed to drive business with Clover Customer Engagement

• Get deeper understanding about your business with Clover Insights

Additional benefits:

• Simple setup lets you start accepting payments immediately

• Continue to accept payments even when your Internet is down

• Clover features more than 150 apps available on the Clover App Market, making it far superior to its square-shaped competitors

• Allows for Ethernet and wireless capabilitie

Your Clover comes pre-installed with a variety of essential tools and applications.  Clover’s cloud-based platform means merchants can manage their store inventory, reporting and back-office information from the Clover device or from their own computer at home, no need to be in the store.  Every Clover devices comes with our Clover Security, which provides tokenization and encryption with every swipe, giving merchants peace of mind their customers are protected.

Clover supports offline transactions, which means merchants can stay up when their internet goes down.  Depending on the device, Clover offers Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 3G/4G data connectivity.  Clover supports a variety of peripherals and accessories as well, including kitchen printers, handheld scanners, weight scales, and more.

Our Clover Support team offers 24/7 customer support 365 days a year.  All Clover call centers are based in the continental U.S.  Merchants can set up Clover in under 15 minutes.  Your Clover comes out of the box configured and ready to take payments with a simple setup!

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