Bevel creates a new edge to modern day payment processing


Modern day payment processing has a new edge. North America’s fastest growing provider.

Progressive gateways: Credit card processing is your business’s most effective source of asset collections. Swipe is the new dollar and swipe forward™ is the new standard. At Bevel, the team analyzes business specs and system compatibility for a comprehensive approach to payment processing.
It’s no longer about an individualized service. Instead, Bevel has revolutionized the credit card community by integrating algorithms which assist with more than just a transaction. Complete software solutions are merged to provide QuickBooks integration, POS guidance and inventory tracking so that the entire sales structure is seamlessly set.
Retail stores, online merchants, hospitality and restaurant chains. All Bevel clients benefit from the comprehensive service structure which is the company’s reputable advantage.
Progress is being able to guide a client from start to finish, never really selling just one part of the corporate keg.

Liability of trust: Bevel’s price compatibility has been its backbone feature for years. For price that is remarkably noted, it’s their own UW capability and liability that marks the price dip which is transferred to every Bevel client.
Familiar with Bevel’s iconic “$500 cash reward”? It proves just how confident Bevel agents are in their price differentiator and you should too.
Part of the trust that Bevel has secured is its fraud protection and chargeback feature. Compliant with regulations, yet stringent with client protection, every transaction is a liable asset.

A personal form of growth: Ever since Bevel launched its initiative, the company has expanded to multiple departments and staff members. Clients still receive the boutique experience, coupled with a stellar reputation of financial prowess. It’s the trust factor that landed Bevel its iconic merchant status and it’s their commitment to keeping things personal that has since evolved its founding mission.

As department responsibilities increase, every client is assigned a rep or reps who are completely familiar with the coding, relationships, bank affiliations and account stats. In a comfortable, yet professional manner, agents and staff members communicate effectively.


With 24 hour customer care and a merchant oriented mission, it’s how Bevel is a cut above. Bevel has helped thousands of merchants reduce the cost of accepting credit cards. Typically, they’re program saves merchants 10% – 60% of the existing fees. Bevel was founded on the philosophy of offering merchants the most aggressive rates in the industry with a level of personalized service that is second to none. They do not offer the typical impersonal “call center” approach to merchant support. Instead, they have developed an agent-based model that offers a single point of contact for they’re merchants. Rather than doing business, Bevel knows their merchants on a first name basis.
Bevel is not just another credit card processing company they offer a wide range of other services like Online Fraud Protection Ecommerce Integration, PCI Compliance, POS Systems, Gift & Loyalty Programs, High Risk Merchants, Cash Advance, Payment Gateways and ATM Machines.

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