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Depending on your sales volume, you might be eligible for a custom rate. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

Unbeatable Rates - How?

Level 3 optimization

Every time you process a transaction, our system automatically confirms over 30 unique points of security. This revolutionary process is so secure that we qualify for special rates.. savings we then pass on to you.

Next day deposit - How?

Bevel’s Proprietary Payment Gateway

We have developed our gateway in a way that you shouldn’t have to worry about your funds ever.You can process as late as 10PM and still get next day funding.

Cards customers can accept

Different solutions
  • S80 CounterTop Payment Terminal

    The S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines innovation, durability and high performance to ensure faster, more reliable transactions. The S80 comes with inbuilt contactless and a powerful ARM11 processor, enabling support for multiple payment and value-added applications, making this countertop terminal one of the most reliable in the world. 

  • A920 Payment Tablet Terminal

    The PAX A920 is the world’s most elegantly designed and compact secure electronic payment terminal powered by the Android operating system.
    The A920 comes with a large high definition tablet color display and a thermal printer that is neatly hidden so as to maximize screen usage for customer facing transactions. A
    wide range of advanced connectivity options are supported, as well as built-in NFC contactless, electronic signature capture and huge memory to enable exceptionally fast 
    processing of applications.


  • E500 Payment Terminal

    PAX E500 comes with ingenuity quality & solid performance, equipped with multiple peripherals ports, large paper roll, technologies of auto-brightness setting, magic SR and grease proofing enabling smooth touch of screen. PAX paid much attention to details for your satisfactions only.

  • A80 Countertop Payment Terminal

    Supported by the PAXSTORE open software distribution platform, within which payment service providers create and manage their own independent appstore marketplaces.  The A80 is a new generation terminal that functions as a countertop device, packed with the latest PCI PTS 5.x and NFC contactless certifications and powered by the Android 6.0 operating system.  With a full range of communication options to choose from, including Wi-Fi, Dial and Ethernet, and an optional back-up battery, the A80 is always connected, ensuring peak performance during business hours.  The A80 has an built-in camera and comes with a stunning high definition 4-inch touchscreen display which offers merchants and customers alike a graphical user interface way superior to traditional POS terminals.

  • Carbon 8

    The Carbon 8 difference: small, light, portable and cost-effective.


  • Verifone MX915 MX925 M400

    Delivering world-class performance, flexibility, and advanced security, these premium devices provides retailers with the tools to encourage greater engagement and better returns.

  • Ingenico ICT200

    The iCT 220 and iCT 220 CL meet the highest security requirements and is PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED and Open protocol modules. The optional PIN privacy shield provides additional PIN entry confidentiality.

  • Clover Station

    Running a business, your plate is full. All the time. Clover Station is designed to help in so many ways. Speeding up transactions. Simplifying daily tasks. Securely accepting the latest payments. Making your plate a lot lighter.

  • Clover Flex

    Small in size, Clover Flex is built to do business wherever you are. Easy to take with you and easy to hand to customers- they can dip, swipe, tap, enter a pin and sign, whether in line, in the aisle, or at the table. And its built-in receipt printer and scanner ensures Clover Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility.

  • Clover Mini

    Running a small business is no easy task. There’s all the day-to-day stuff. And preparing for a year from now? It’s a lot to think about, and a ton of pressure to deliver on. But with Clover Mini in your corner, you’re ready for whatever business throws at you from day one. Out of the box, it offers swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments. And it gets better from there.

  • Clover Go

    You don’t just go to work every day. You get after it—wherever work takes you. But there’s one thing you need every day: a way to take payments when you’re not sitting still. So whether you’re running around your store or tend to take matters into the field, Clover Go Contactless Reader is your go-to POS for secure credit card swipes, dips and taps like Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™ and Android Pay™. It also offers many of the same industrial strength payment capabilities and the security as our larger Clover devices. Just provide your own smartphone or tablet and a free hand.

  • Aldelo POS

  • Revel POS