Clover Station 2018: New, Sleek and Packed with Upgrades


Business today are operating under all new conditions. Long gone are the days of crank-operated cash registers and hand written receipts. Today, increasing demands from connected shoppers and mobile users have changed everything from the buying to the checkout experience. Stores that want to keep up and remain relevant must innovate.

Clover Station is a countertop POS system that helps businesses remain productive while gaining the insights they need to continue leading in their respective markets. Everything from accepting various payment forms, to tracking inventory, managing time sheets and even running reports is possible with Clover.

Now, a longtime wish of users is coming true as Clover Station 2.0 has now been rolled out for use.

This redesigned version includes some long due updates to the hardware side of things like the ability to take chip cards (EMV-ready), a faster processor, a larger screen, and new innovations such as a customer facing display on the printer, and a finger-print scanner.

A major re-design to the software will make Clover 2.0 even better for Full Service Restaurants and multi-location businesses. Full service restaurants will see major upgrades to the “Tables” and “Orders” apps with visual displays to significantly improve and streamline the table management and ordering process. Upgrades to the dashboard will also make it easy to view reports and manage multi-location businesses.

As merchants move into the next generation of shopping experiences they’ll need tools to help them along the way. Clover 2.0 is keeping security, convenience and insights at the forefront.

Bevel is an authorized, independent Clover sales distributor. As a full-service merchant solutions provider, we understand what it takes to win in today’s highly competitive market. If you’re ready to upgrade to a POS system with everything you need, we’re one phone call away!


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