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Introducing: Bevel FeeFree Program (0% Credit Card processing Fees)

Bevel offers you an alternative to traditional payment processing. Our process lets you legally offset the cost of card transactions. Offset the Cost of Payment Processing Small and medium-sized businesses have few affordable payment processing options. No matter who you

Can More Payment Options Lead My Business To More Sales?

It’s no secret that offering a variety of payment options can lead to an increase in sales. After all, who doesn’t want the convenience of being able to pay with the method of their choice? Here, we’ll take a look

Digital Payments: Secure and Sustainable

The magnetic stripes in our cards made their way from the 1960s up until now; and it is amazing to see how it has branched out to EMV, mobile banking or mobile payments, digital wallets, and contactless payments! As technology

Why You Should Consider A Self-Ordering Kiosk For Your Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, business owners are constantly looking for areas where they can potentially cut overhead costs or increase their turnover rate even slightly to maximize their profits especially now in the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation. But reaching that goal

Thank You For Making 2019 Our Best Year Yet!

Best Year! We owe a big thank you to the thousands of new merchants who joined our family this year. All of you have helped make 2019 our best year yet with record processing, revenue, and earnings. We now process

Dentist Credit Card Processing Made Easy

Simplify administrative tasks to make the lives of everyone in your dental office easier. The right point of sale (POS) technology can help your back office operations run much more smoothly so you can focus on your patients’ dental health.

Bevel launches Bevel Advance, a cash advance program to make it faster and easier for companies to access the funds they need

Today, Bevel launched Bevel Advance, an easier way for businesses to access capital. Access to capital remains a challenge for most companies, especially online businesses. Banks have cut their lending to small businesses almost in half over the last decade,

How consumer payment preferences are shaping commerce today

Do you know your customers wallets? Whether tapping their device or dipping their card, today’s consumers are paying in many different ways. In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to know your customer’s payment preferences and the

Bevel 30-Minute Funding has Launched

That’s right, 30-minute funding! Welcome to the age of instant funding on demand. One of the biggest pain points for small businesses is cash flow. No matter how well you plan, you can always end up in a pinch. Worst

New York’s MTA Gets Apple Pay and Google Pay: Here’s How to Set It Up

It took a while, but the world’s largest subway system is finally ditching its swipe-card system for a tap-and-go experience. Started on May 31 at noon, 16 of New York City’s 472 subway stations—along with some of its buses—let riders

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