Why You Should Consider A Self-Ordering Kiosk For Your Restaurant


In the restaurant industry, business owners are constantly looking for areas where they can potentially cut overhead costs or increase their turnover rate even slightly to maximize their profits especially now in the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation. But reaching that goal is often much easier said than done. Fortunately for these owners, technological advances in the industry might just have a practical solution. One of the more recent trends in the point of sale industry has been to offer self-ordering kiosks. What started as a novel or niche idea just a few years ago has now spread to a large number of the top restaurant POS companies, making it a feature that you may not even realize you can implement affordably.

There are different types of self-ordering kiosks as well. Some allow customers to walk through the entire purchasing experience on their own, punching in their order, walking through automated modifiers and eventually paying. If you don’t want to lose the personal touch entirely, on-table kiosks can simply ease the burden from a server, either by automating the payment process or by allowing customers to browse a digital menu.

Here are 4 Surprising Ways Your Restaurant Can Benefit From A Self-Ordering Kiosk

Reduce Labor Costs

Obviously kiosks, either at the table or standing alone, can do a lot of the work that would otherwise fall to employees. Not only can this reduce the sheer number of employees you might need, but it can also improve the efficiency of the employees you have by taking some of the busy work off their plates. Kiosks can also mitigate issues like unexpected rushes or having an employee who calls in sick at the last minute.

Increase Check Sizes

It’s easy to program in modifiers and prompts within a kiosk that will walk customers through up-sells and add-ons. This can be done in an intuitive fashion and in a way that doesn’t come across as pushy, allowing customers to feel as if they have more onus in their decisions.

Increase Overall Efficiency

While the addition of kiosks may seem impersonal, it can dramatically streamline your operations. Giving customers the ability to send orders in their own time eliminates common annoyances, like when a server has to come back because a table hasn’t made its decision yet or stalls at one particular group of customers who take a long time to complete an order. Servers also don’t need to then make a separate trip to another station to fire an order off to the kitchen. Instead, your employees can focus on making sure customers have everything they need.

Increase Order Accuracy

Along these same lines, having customers input their orders directly obviously eliminates the potential for server errors and will increase the likelihood that food comes out exactly to a customer’s specifications. This makes for an overall happier experience for customers who are then more likely to leave a hefty tip.

Are You Ready To Make The Jump To A Restaurant Kiosk POS System?

Hopefully, you have a good sense of what kiosk systems are and what potential benefits they could provide for your business. If used properly, self-ordering systems can dramatically bring down your labor costs, increase efficiency, and keep your customers happy by speeding up orders and cutting down on errors. It’s also a trend that may become the norm in the restaurant industry sooner than later.

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