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Bevel Payment Solutions is a frontrunner in the US credit card processing sector, providing low-cost services to brick-and-mortar companies and online retailers. Our team has been in business since 2009 and has extensive experience in the payment services industry, and we help merchants maintain industry-level payment compliance standards. Here are a few examples of the many industries we assist with our credit card payment processing services.

1. Restaurants

Today’s diners expect nothing less than a seamless payment experience that allows them to quickly and easily pay with credit or debit cards and leave gratuities. Efficient service keeps guests returning, and Bevel’s easy-to-use restaurant merchant account software and equipment let wait staff concentrate more on food service and less on payment processing and compatibility problems.

We collaborate directly with you to ensure that all aspects of your credit card payment processing are fully integrated with your POS hardware, saving you time and effort. You’ll be able to handle guest books, schedule reservations, or arrange your money with our high-tech options. In addition to making things easier for your consumers, we provide security measures for encrypted payments.

3. Nonprofits

Charities can’t function without financial support from the community. However, fees may build up quickly when processing many cards regularly, chipping away at available cash. In general, Bevel will result in more savings per swipe. Additionally, you’ll have access to our BevelPay platform. When you accept payments from any device with the help of our platform, your fundraising will be a breeze.

When your nonprofit sends a donation request through email and provides a secure link to your payment page, our computerized system will automatically save their information and contributions.

4. Grocery

Whether you own a general family store or a significant chain, you must adapt quickly and provide your consumers with what they need to keep them coming back. We accommodate various payment methods, making it easy to manage the checkout process. For the smooth operation of your business, we also provide inventory solutions.

5. Retail Storefront

When working in retail, you must always provide excellent customer service. Providing realistic and practical solutions to your clients will ensure your company presents the best possible image. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, you can connect with your customers by offering them convenient payment methods.

These are some industries we work with, but there are many more.

Our seasoned professionals know the value of helping various industries maintain regulatory compliance, and we work with them to ensure they get the best possible pricing for payment processing. Using our cutting-edge infrastructure, Bevel can process payments for various industries.

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