Bevel in Canada!


Since we launched Bevel, by far the most frequent piece of feedback we received was: Bevel is great, but you need to make it possible for people outside the US to accept payments.

Starting today, Bevel is publicly available for use by any individual or business based in Canada. It’s the exact same Bevel that we offer in the US: instant approval, all major card types accepted, the ability to accept payments from anyone in any country, and simple, honest pricing, without any hidden fees.

We’ve been testing our service in Canada over the summer. We’re grateful to have received extensive feedback and help from companies including, and Shopify, all of whom have now been using Bevel for a few months. To them and our other beta users: a huge thank you.

In many ways, launching in Canada is a big step for us, going from 1 to 2 is often harder than going from 2 to n—but it’s only a small piece of what we have in mind. At Bevel, our extensive industry knowledge has allowed us to revolutionize the payment processing system, making working with us a seamless experience. We have one goal in mind which is to provide high quality service in a manner that is simple to use for an affordable price.

And so, to those who are not in the US or Canada: we want Bevel to support businesses and individuals anywhere in the world, We’re already working on the next set of countries.

To our friends up north: we’re very excited to work with you.

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