How Customers Want To Pay In 2023

In today’s digital age, customers expect to be able to pay for goods and services in a variety of ways. With the rise of online commerce and new payment forms, such as online and contactless payments, customers can choose from

5 Surprising Benefits of Gift Cards for Your Business

Gift cards are a well-known means of business gifts, with the consensus being that they’re a less expensive option than actual merchandise. Many businesses nowadays have gift cards available for customers to purchase. It’s good because it gives your company

Introducing: Bevel FeeFree Program (0% Credit Card processing Fees)

Bevel offers you an alternative to traditional payment processing. Our process lets you legally offset the cost of card transactions. Offset the Cost of Payment Processing Small and medium-sized businesses have few affordable payment processing options. No matter who you

Bevel Announces EMV Upgrade Solution for Gas Pumps

Bevel announced a new product today to help accept EMV/chip cards and prevent fraudulent activity at the gas pump. The product is a semi-integrated secure solution that can easily and cost-effectively enable EMV at the pump in a couple of

Point of Sale (POS) Systems and How They Can Help Your Business

A Point of Sale system, commonly referred to as a POS system, is becoming essential to running a successful business. A POS is an electronic system that completes and tracks transactions for your business. Whether you work at a bar,

Offer Customers Takeout and Delivery With Crunch’s Online Ordering Solution

It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for restaurants. Industry sales fell by 26.7% compared to their prior-year period between February and March, and by a jaw-dropping 48.6% in April. While we’re in stabler territory, for the time being,

Amplify Your Restaurant’s Online Presence

Every café, coffee shop, restaurant, and food truck should have an online presence. Before a customer even sets foot into your place of business, they will more than likely have visited your website and checked out reviews online. Be sure

What Are the Average Credit Card Processing Fees That Merchants Pay?

It goes without saying that every modern company needs to accept credit card payments. As the Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, credit cards capture the majority share of consumer dollars. In 2017, card payments accounted for 62.3% of consumer payments

Bevel launches Bevel Advance, a cash advance program to make it faster and easier for companies to access the funds they need

Today, Bevel launched Bevel Advance, an easier way for businesses to access capital. Access to capital remains a challenge for most companies, especially online businesses. Banks have cut their lending to small businesses almost in half over the last decade,

Bevel 30-Minute Funding has Launched

That’s right, 30-minute funding! Welcome to the age of instant funding on demand. One of the biggest pain points for small businesses is cash flow. No matter how well you plan, you can always end up in a pinch. Worst

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