Bevel Launches BevelPay, a Semi-Integrated Payments and Hosted Gateway to Bring Flexibility, Reliability and Security to In-Store Retail


Bevel, a leading merchant service provider and retail software company that brings personalization and measurement to the offline world, today launched BevelPay Semi-Integrated Payments for Verifone and Ingenico devices, and BevelPay Hosted Gateway for First Data, Vantiv, Chase Paymentech and Worldpay. These new offerings provide retailers with turnkey solutions for EMV, point-to-point encryption (P2PE), processing flexibility and value-added services including customer analytics and personalized marketing.

BevelPay Semi-Integrated Payments routes payment data directly from the PIN pad to the processor, removing the POS from the critical path. Unlike traditional solutions that pass card data through the POS, BevelPay enables the POS to fully delegate payment to the PIN pad. With BevelPay, an IP-connected PIN pad collects tender, requests settlement, and returns a simple approval to the POS. BevelPay PIN pad software drives the in-store user experience, and BevelPay cloud services enable payment routing and a range of value-added services.

Key benefits of BevelPay Semi-Integrated Payments include:

  • Reduced PCI Scope and Improved Security – Because payment data never enters the POS, the POS is fully removed from PCI scope. With the POS out of the payment flow path, BevelPay makes it simple to deploy critical security improvements like P2PE and EMV.
  • Flexibility to Evolve Quickly – Simplifying the communication between the PIN pad and POS makes it easy to deploy new payment and loyalty services. Significantly, the PIN pad becomes an independent device that can be easily upgraded, serving as a powerful point of customer engagement.
  • Robust Device Management – Centralized configuration and remote PIN pad management makes it fast and convenient to deploy software and content updates.

The BevelPay Hosted Gateway provides a robust link from any POS environment to any payment processor. Unlike traditional solutions that require retailers to manage the technical and compliance burden of a direct processor integration or an on-premise server, BevelPay assumes that responsibility. In addition, the BevelPay Hosted Gateway supports a wide range of tender types including credit, debit, EMV, EBT, eWIC, Apple Pay and Android Pay, so retailers can easily accept new and diverse forms of payment.

Key benefits of the BevelPay Hosted Gateway include:

  • Fault-Tolerance and Reliability – With traditional gateways, card data routes through an on-premise server in each store, a costly solution that creates a single point of failure. With BevelPay, card data routes directly to the BevelPay Hosted Gateway, a cloud-based, fault-tolerant solution.
  • Processing Flexibility – BevelPay empowers retailers to select any processor of their choice. Changing processors no longer requires updating in-store devices or recertification — BevelPay simply updates routing preferences.
  • Simplified PCI Compliance – Because BevelPay provides a fully hosted PCI Level 1 Gateway, it simplifies the PCI controls and procedures required of retailers with on-premise solutions.

The combination of Bevel Semi-Integrated Payments and BevelPay Hosted Gateway provide retailers with tremendous flexibility, reliability and enhanced security for their in-store environments. With BevelPay, retailers not only future-proof their payment environment, but also have access to a wide range of value-added analytics, loyalty and personalization services to elevate customer relationships and improve revenue growth.

Bevel has uncovered important trends, from customer preferences and shopping frequency to store performance. This has been incredibly valuable as we expand our business to new locations, since our customers are always our top priority.

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