Introducing: Bevel FeeFree Program (0% Credit Card processing Fees)


Bevel offers you an alternative to traditional payment processing. Our process lets you legally offset the cost of card transactions.

Offset the Cost of Payment Processing

Small and medium-sized businesses have few affordable payment processing options. No matter who you consider, you’re losing a percentage of every transaction, and 3.5% of every transaction adds up. The Bevel FeeFree Program offers a legal way to offset that cost. No fees on any transaction. No profit loss.

How We Save You Money

Bevel offers 0% credit card processing for you. Instead, complying with new legislation, we provide you with signage to display at your store, offering discounted prices for customers paying with cash. This makes it clear to shoppers that posted prices are for cash only. This signage also advertises that a fee of up to 3.99% is applied to any credit card transactions. Our terminals are set up to pass the cash discount fee directly to the customer. Keep 100% of your hard-earned money with the Bevel FeeFree, the cheapest credit card processing available.

How does it work?

A customer in a convenience store walks up to the register with $20 worth of goods. She notices a sign next to the register explaining that a 4% service charge is added to all store sales. By paying with cash she gets an instant cash discount of 4%. The attendant scans all of her products which comes to a total of exactly $20.00.

The customer informs the clerk that she is going to pay with a credit card, and the total price of the goods changes, so she will be paying a total of $20.80.

The customer inserts their card into the terminal to pay for their goods and is charged a total of $20.80 to cover the cost to accept credit.

The customer completes the transaction and leaves having paid $20.80 for $20 worth of goods, knowing that she could have saved 80 cents had she paid with cash.

The Bevel FeeFree program allows the customer to pay with a credit card, just like normal. The difference is that they get the choice of whether to incur the fee that would normally go to you, the business owner, or use cash for a discount.

Join the FeeFree program today and never give up another percent again. Click here to get started.


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